Restaurant Take out Containers in Hyderabad

The government imposing restrictions on plastic, food companies are worst hit and rightly so, as food business is one of the most prosperous business in India today. But sadly enough a lot of plastic material is used in this industry to meet their packaging needs. If you are in the food business then we are here to help you. We have a one-stop solution to your requirements.

Use of plastic is a growing concern across the globe and everybody is switching to a more eco-friendly solution. Considering the amount of plastic and Styrofoam that has been used over the years we give you the product range that meets your requirements to perfection. Committed to moving towards a greener and cleaner India thereby contributing to the cause of a healthy environment for the coming generation.

Eco-friendly material that befits the requirement perfectly

Our restaurant take out containers are made from 100% biodegradable material that has no negative effect on the environment and fulfills the client’s demands. Made completely from raw material that is obtained from natural resources our products stand apart from other counterparts. The benefit that we offer is that all the products are compostable and breakdown easily into the soil thereby causing no harm to the natural habitat.  They are sturdy and firm and can hold weight well.  The material comes with strength and durability and is suitable to be carried on long distance. The edges are rolled to perfection and there is no spillover of food.

Why are we the best choice?

We are trusted manufacturers and suppliers of restaurant take out containers in Hyderabad, and passionately committed to providing an alternative that is eco-friendly and goes well with the environment. Founded 2014 our endeavor is to develop a product base that easily replaces all other hazardous options thereby giving a quality that is unmatched.

We continuously work towards providing products that work as a perfect barrier to all the elements that are likely to cause harm to the environment.

Our latest technology and the right kind of equipment create packaging material that can survive the test of time is strong enough to last long.

By joining hands with us say yes to promoting and creating awareness that takes us a step towards a better future with a promise to keep this planet green and clean.