What Is Oko Green Packaging?

Oko packaging is an Earth friendly, 100% biodegradable packaging that can replace single use plastics. Our Patented 2 & 3 PLY V-Strong flute is coated with an eco friendly watertight and food friendly barrier. Click here for Oko sample pack.

Oko biodegradable and compostable

Packing example Who Said Eco Packaging wasn't Practical? OKO PACKAGING Why waste packaging when you can pack in one box Email us to find out more Popbox OKO MEAL BOX One meal one box Why waste packaging when you can pack in one box Email us to find out more Skewer box OKO MEAL BOX One meal one box Why waste packaging when you can pack in one box Email us to find out more Byriani Box Biryani oko box Oko on the go ZERO PLASTIC Compact and easy to carry Oko box to keep meals fresh on the move COMING SOON! Cake box Cake oko box OKO CARRY BOX ZERO PLASTIC Beautiful products deserve beautiful packaging COMING SOON! CUP Oko cup OKO CUP ZERO PLASTIC Öko cups are made with zero plastic and provide a solid water barrier thanks to the PLA coated liner. COMING SOON!

Oko Packaging Container Benefits


Did you know that a standard paper cup contains more than 6% of plastic liner (PE) which is non biodegradable. Millions of tonnes of plastics are swirling throughout our planets oceans.

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Oko world environment day


The world is yearning for an Eco and cost effective alternative for plastics food packaging. We received a great deal of interest at World Environment Day in Delhi with the launch of our Oko packaging. Our goal from the start is to replace single use plastics food packaging and we are confident that Oko will lead the way.

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Öko boxes are doing very significant work for the nation.

Dr. Devendra Kumar, Forest research institute, Dehra dun

This kind of packaging material should be widely used in India.

R N Pankaj, Ministry of environment and forestry, New Delhi

I Like your idea, look forward to see this in market.

Akif farooqui, Deputy manager , The energy and resources institute

Öko should market these boxes to IRCTC as they are responsible for catering food plazas in trains and
at railway stations.

Manish Agarwal , Deputy director quality council of india

New innovative product. Would like to see more of this
in my eat out places.

CA Vishesh jain, ITC Assistance manager - Finance

Nice product, you must develop distribution network throughout India

Virendra kumar R.Bhayani, President - Machinery Committee

It was nice to see an alternative to plastics,
I wish you all success.

Dr. Prinithe, AD/ wild life crime control board, New Delhi

Very beautiful boxes, liked it very much.

Dr. Santan Barthwal, FRI, Dehra dun

Great initiative, Keep up with the good work!
Wonderful initiative, Hope to see it in market on a
larger scale and cheaper price

Taniya trivedi, Wildlife Institute of India

Oko packaging offers a large range of quality green food packaging and green food containers available at competitive price. Delivery through out Bangalore.

Oko offers biodegradable food packaging products in Bangalore at competitive prices to replace all types of single use plastic containers. To get your quote today visit our contact page.

Switching to Eco-Friendly packaging is increasingly more important as the reality of plastic pollution further sinks in. To tackle this issue Oko packaging products offer a range of compelling Eco-Friendly food packaging containers.

In order to offer sustainable packaging our products decompose back to nature. Delivering sustainable food packaging products in Bangalore.

Packaging must be compostable to be fully sustainable, this is why we offer compostable products at competitive prices to help you move your business away from plastic. To get your quote today visit our contact page.

Our packaging is recyclable but in the case it’s disposed of by other means then it will decompose back to nature.