Best Eco Curry Containers in Chennai, India

The human activities are causing permanent damages to the environment is no more debate but an established fact. Plastic waste is the second most dangerous factor of the entire pollution problem, greenhouse gases being the most dangerous. There is frequent news of how huge mountains of garbage in the surrounding areas of big cities are causing problems for human and animals alike. Large Garbage Island in the oceans are becoming kill zones for marine life, and the delicate ecological balance that we have on earth means any large scale adverse effect on wildlife will cause damage to human life.

With continuous efforts from many agencies, including the Indian government, the Indian public is becoming aware of this dire situation, and thus eco-friendly alternatives are gaining huge demands. Roadside food places, big gatherings, family ceremonies, etc. leave a large amount of plastic waste, due to packing and serving of food in plastic containers and utensils. The growing concern for the environment and huge demand for food packaging has caused a demand for an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the plastic containers.

Take for example different type of curries regularly consumed by the Indian public; these Indian curries are famous world over for their unique flavors and their taste. The liquid / semi-liquid nature of curries require plastic containers for packaging as leaking and spilling are a common problem for which the solution has to be found. The packaging solutions offered by Evirocor are addressing exactly these types of issues. We are at a junction that every citizen is required to play its part to protect our planet, yet there is a need which just cannot be overlooked. Evirocor with their highly innovative and patented technology is offering green packaging solutions for restaurants and other food places.

The curry containers being offered by us are bio-degradable and recyclable, thus reducing their carbon footprint to a great extent. Our patented technology provides completely watertight containers, having the capability to replace the harmful plastic containers that are being widely used by most places. Many businesses are proudly advertising their reduced use of polluting materials and processes, in such an environment Evirocor can help your business to present itself as a technology-driven, modern, environmentally friendly business. At the same time, you can maintain your commitment to customer service and delivering your tasty curies without spills and leaks in a way that ensure a liveable environment for future generations. Call us or drop a mail to order best eco curry containers in Chennai, India.