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We Make Earth Friendly Packaging

Evirocor is a revolutionary company innovating the future of corrugated board packaging. How it’s made, how it’s sold and how it’s recycled. Our team has worked on a range of products that will change how we buy corrugated packaging board in the future, by making it greener, stronger, lighter and cheaper.

Corrugated Board Packaging With A Difference

The Revolution!

The difference is big!! Evirocor team has pushed an innovative technology that will change the industry for good. The way corrugated board is made hasn’t changed for nearly 100 years but that’s about to change. The chart compares to your traditional corrugated board, Evirocor board is die-cut, creased, printed and delivered to you when you need it. Visit our contact section to find out more.

Compared Our Product!

Stronger 35%
Greener 90%

Oko Food Packaging

Packaging in the food chain is an unavoidable part of everyday life. It protects ready to eat food, preserves them, enhances them, displays valuable information, acts as a marketing tool and allows for safe transportation. Unfortunately, food packaging is often viewed as waste. Even worse, it often ends up this way too. Therefore, a key consideration of good flexible packaging design involves the generation of less waste following the end of its’ useful life, whilst still helping end-consumers to use it and the contained products efficiently. It is in this backdrop Evirocor has been in the forefront of finding workable packaging solutions centered around biodegradability and recyclability. If we juxtaposition this with the ground realities of plastic what we see is, plastic, plastic all around, who is the best to beat them all?  However, it is a call to action movement aided with support from government authorities for making plastic ban viral across several states in India and beyond to bring about the change in packaging practices.

Oko’s Compostable and Biodegradable Packaging Containers

Branded Oko products, it is a game changer as it offers a wide range of viable alternative flexible packaging for food. Oko packaging is bio-based, fully compostable and has superior mechanical and shelf-life properties compared to conventional plastic. Oko flexible packaging is made from several materials, yet the blended outcome is fully compostable and water proof. It thus brings a revolutionary and innovative new material that will change the packaging industry in terms of productivity, costs, supply chain, operating model and environmental impact for good. The new product will be known as e-board and will replace traditional corrugated board. The new e-board of varied sizes are designed to fit fashion trends with color options and will be produced direct from raw materials and converted to boxes. The e-board products are stronger, easy to use, cost-effective, earth friendly, compostable and recyclable.

Eco Friendly Food Packaging Products in Bangalore, India

Evirocor beating plastic pollution with environment friendly Oko Food Packaging Products in Bangalore, India

In everyday life packaging protects food products, preserves them, enhances them, displays important information, acts as a marketing tool and allows for safe transportation. Therefore, it is essential to consider good food packaging in terms of eliminating pollution and waste at the end of its’ useful life. Towards this objective Evirocor has introduced Oko packaging products Bangalore, India With an environmental advantage of ready to eat food businesses it works with. This is done through the intelligent design and manufacture of corrugated cardboard packaging and other eco-friendly food packaging products in Bangalore, India.

Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental problems that we face today. It impacts the environment and our health and wellbeing. While plastic has many valuable uses, we have become over reliant on single-use or disposable plastic – with severe environmental consequences. Large quantity the plastic packaging we use escapes collection systems, which means that it ends up clogging our city streets and polluting our natural environment in terms of plastic leak into our oceans, where it smothers coral reefs and threatens vulnerable marine wildlife. Everywhere plastics is used for food packaging and this pollutes and damages the environment in many unthinkable ways. To effectively combat plastic food packaging menace every customer-consumer can insist for food packages that are reusable, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable to save our planet from pollution.

Evirocor’ s Oko food packaging products make a difference to the health and safety of all consumers and thus saves our planet. And, of course, our food packaging is designed and manufactured using biodegradable, compostable and recycled corrugated cardboard packaging materials, always following environmentally friendly processes. It is important to know that corrugated cardboard packaging has a high recycling rate of about seven times before its fibre becomes too weak for further use. And the corrugated material that is not recycled, is fully biodegradable and compostable. All of this points to the fact that by choosing to use corrugated food packaging, our customers are committing to an environmentally friendly solution that does not sacrifice performance or aesthetics.

Evirocor does not compromise performance and towards this it applies The 3Rs–Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for supplying food packaging products. Using eco-friendly materials reduces waste and pollution, conserves water and energy, which all goes to save our planet. By reducing the quantity of corrugated materials in our food packaging, it allows for greater cost savings. This is seen not only in the packaging itself, but also its transportation and disposal.

Evirocor consistently supplies corrugated food packaging products and corrugated food packaging services which meet both customer and regulatory requirements and provides a solid building block towards the ultimate goal of absolute customer satisfaction. In fact, Evirocor’s expertise in the design and manufacture of corrugated packaging, cardboard boxes and specialist products is unparalleled. A key focus of our operations is producing completely custom designed corrugated packaging with color options and labelling to solve specific problems one may be experiencing or to tailor a solution to the exact requirements.

Evirocor’ s central theme in all its endeavors is Green packaging that has flawless design keeping pace with fashion trends with color options. Some of the features of our food packaging material are enhanced durability/shelf-life, exceptional quality, lightweight, moisture resistant, leak-proof, stain-proof and the fastest and most efficient forms of packaging assembly that can result in cost and time savings for a huge range of packing operations. In fact, Oko boxes can be quickly and easily be assembled into the finished box with minimal assembly. This ensures that, for the end user, a large number of Oko boxes can be assembled quickly, consistently and reliably.

Currently Evirocor manufactures an extensive range of corrugated food packaging products in Bangalore, India at competitive prices. Our packaging products are available to various ready to eat food suppliers like food outlets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, factories, caterers, and all other users.

If you are looking for a simple, efficient and effective way to pack, store or transport ready to eat food items, please get in touch with a member of our team.




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